Welcome to Mercury Signs, Carolinas’ top source for custom commercial signs and visual solutions for every business need. We understand and are invested in the power of signage. A sign is more than letters but rather an important message that you would like to deliver to your target customer. We would like to be on your team in that important job.

Signs can reinforce your brand, establish your company’s positive reputation, and keep your business top-of-mind with your customers. That’s why we make it a priority to deliver high-quality, custom-made signage solutions that help our clients reach their advertising and branding goals. Our expert signage team will help transform your ideas for your brand into reality. When you partner with Mercury Signs, you can trust that we’ll always provide you with remarkable design, manufacturing, and installation services.

Explore our large selection of custom interior and exterior signs, murals and graphics, and vehicle wraps. To discuss your signage needs and receive a complimentary quote, contact us. Our professional and experienced staff are ready and capable to create the best sign solution for your needs in a timely fashion

What’s in the name?

Mercury Sign took it names form the Roman God of Messages, MERCURY.

According to mythology, Mercury, the Roman god was a messenger. Every sign made on this earth has always carried a message. He supervised all trade and commerce and bestowed profit or loss, according to each person’s worth. He was the messenger of the gods, who descended to distribute the bounty of commercial success. He inspires us to do our part to bring commercial success to all our clients and deliver their message in the most effective way. Mercury besides being beautiful and strong was also know to be very fast. This is highlighted by his winged shoes that enable him to fly. Even the fastest planet in our solar system that travel around the son in just 88 days was named after Mercury.

Our motto - Your message Delivered is the right description of what inspires each one of our team members to deliver for our clients on every assignment.

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