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What are Blade Signs?

.A blade sign is a type of projecting sign mounted on a building facade or storefront pole. They are also attached to a surface perpendicular to tje normal flow of traffic and remains one of the most effective ways of attracting foot traffic into your establishment.

Blade Signs project out from the front of a building so that motorists and pedestrians can easily identify your business. They’re usually two-sided and are mounted perpendicular to the storefront. These signs come in a great variety of styles and sizes and are often illuminated, either internally or with spotlights.

Blade signs can use a variety of creative sign making techniques, such a acrylic letters, neon, illuminated channel letters, or a combination of these methods. However, the style used should match the building’s architectural style and the type of business. A Blade sig for a restaurant in an entertainment district could be unique and unusual, comapred toa more conservative design for a corporate organization like a bank.

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Customized Signs for Every Business

Mercury Signs creates premium quality custom blade signs that are extremely well built, big and reliable. We use high-quality materials that will stand up to any harsh weather condition. Our blade signs are made with quality materials such a wood, PVC and many others. Blade signs are durable, affordable, and crucial for most businesses. your company needs a sign to be noticed, and Mercury Signs, we help you create that perfect, customized sign that your business needs.

Professional Blade Sign Experts

At Mercury Signs, our signs are waterproof with raised letters. We have expert designers that can help you create your own custom hanging signs and get the side street visual that you need to grab people towards your business. We want to help you attract new customers and grow your business. Looking for new ideas for your blade sign, take a look at our gallery and contact us today for assistance.

Visible Projecting Blade Signs

When Storefront space is limited, and pedestrian traffic is condensed, blade signs are a great option to get your business exposed. Normally designed as double-sided signs that mount perpendicularly against the face of your building, projecting blades maximize brand visibility from both directions. These signs are ideal for locations on narrow roadways with either high pedestrian traffic or a limited setback.

Common FAQs For Blade Signs

What are blade signs, and how do they differ from other types of signage?

Blade signs are mounted perpendicular to the building facade, often at a right angle, and project outwards like a “blade.” Unlike signs that are flat against the building, blade signs are more visible from a distance and can attract attention from both pedestrians and drivers.

Where are blade signs typically used, and what businesses benefit from them?

Blade signs are commonly used in busy pedestrian areas, such as downtown streets and shopping districts. They are especially beneficial for businesses located on narrow streets or in areas where storefront visibility might be limited, helping these businesses stand out and draw in foot traffic.

Can blade signs be customized to match a business's branding?

Yes, blade signs can be customized to reflect a business’s branding. They can feature the business name, logo, colors, and fonts that align with the overall brand identity, ensuring a cohesive and recognizable look.

Are blade signs illuminated, and what are the benefits of illuminated blade signs?

Yes, blade signs can be illuminated using various lighting options, such as LED lights. Illuminated blade signs enhance visibility during the evening and nighttime, increasing the chances of attracting customers even when it’s dark outside.

Are there any regulations or permits required for installing blade signs?

Yes, regulations and permits for blade signs can vary based on local zoning codes and building regulations. Businesses should check with local authorities to determine any requirements or restrictions related to size, location, lighting, and installation of blade signs.

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