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Continuum Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Lighted Sign

Emergency lighted sign

Emergency Lighted Sign

Lighted signs can enhance the image of your business and ensure that it can be seen by passers-by during the day and night. At Mercury Signs, we take great pride in our innovative sign solutions and will work with you on the design and fabrication of signs that are visually appealing and maximize your return on investment.

The distinctive designs created by Mercury Signs appear on the exteriors of high-rise office buildings, corporate business parks, hospitals, school campuses, sports arenas, retail stores, shopping malls, banks, and entertainment centers in Holy Spring, Garnar, Knightdale, Cary, Morrisivlle, Apex, Clyton, Holly Springs, Role Sillva e.t.c. They are also custom-designed to create excellent visibility for your brand.

Whether you need directional/wayfinding signs, pylon signs, building identification signage, dimensional logos and lettering, scoreboards, retail store signs, or digital merchandising systems, our signs will help your business make a lasting impression. when you want your business and brand to stand out, choose an outdoor lighted panel sign from Mercury Signs.

Internal Lighting

This commonly used technique encloses LEDs or neon inside channel letters to produce evenly distributed, bright light. this is often on of the most successful types of sign illumination for business, retail stores, healthcare centers, and other organizations.

Halo Lighting

Halo-lit or reverse channel letters also features light that shines out the back of the letter to create a “halo” effect around the letters.

External Lighting

Signs can also be lit economically with ground-mounted exterior lamps or light fixtures mounted from above. they come in different sizes and strengths to achieve the level of brightness you need. Consider this type of illumination to create dynamic visual effects and add color, mood and visual interest to a sign structure.

Passive Lighting

We can also utilize special reflective materials that don’t require a direct power source but make the sign appear as if it’s illuminated at night when viewed from behind a light source, such as car headlights.

Solar Lighting

If your organization is trying to reduce its carbon footprint, consider solar-powered sign. Solar illumination uses the latest energy-efficient solar powered receptors, LED lighting and battery power.

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Do you need to get your brand or message noticed? Mercury Signs offers top-notch solutions in lighted signs and electronic message boards that can be produced in any shape and size to make your brand the center of attention. Illuminated or lighted graphics provide a visual impact o grab customers’ attention and hold it. Call us today to learn more!

Common FAQs For Lighted Signs

What are lighted signs, and how do they work?

Lighted signs are signs that incorporate lighting elements to create illuminated displays. They often use various lighting technologies, such as LED, neon, or fluorescent lights, to make the signage more visible, especially during low-light conditions.

What are the benefits of using lighted signs for businesses?

Lighted signs offer several benefits for businesses, including increased visibility at night, improved brand recognition, enhanced aesthetics, the ability to attract attention in busy areas, and the potential to convey information or messages effectively in all lighting conditions.

What types of businesses commonly use lighted signs?

Many types of businesses use lighted signs, including retail stores, restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, hotels, healthcare facilities, and service providers. Any business looking to enhance its visibility and draw attention to its location or offerings can benefit from lighted signs.

Are there different styles of lighted signs available to choose from?

Yes, there are various styles of lighted signs available, such as channel letter signs, backlit signs, illuminated cabinet signs, neon signs, and digital displays. Each style offers a unique visual appeal and can be tailored to match a business’s branding and message.

Can lighted signs be used both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, lighted signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor lighted signs are commonly used for storefronts, building facades, and roadside advertising, while indoor lighted signs can enhance the ambiance of interior spaces, such as lobbies, reception areas, and trade show booths.

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Frontier RTP Boxyard Lighted Sign

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Frontier RTP Boxyard Lighted Sign

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"It's A Wrap" Lighted Sign

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Gladwell Orthodontics Lighted Sign​

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