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Menu Boards

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Menu boards (or restaurant menu boards) helps business owners advertise their cuisine in a prominent position. It is an effective, eye-catching way of driving those hungry impulsive buys to your restaurant and can be mounted at the entrance or behind the service counter. If you need high visibility signage to inform customers about selection, our restaurant menu boards are easy to use and provide a creative, yet economical way of featuring food and drink items.

What makes bar and restaurant menu boards great is that they provide customers with the information they want to know, such a food drink listings, specials, sales, and upcoming events.

The qaulit of the menu boards, drive-throughs, and other point of purchase displays in your stores affect sales, profitability, and brand identity. At Mercury Signs, we’ll work with you to develop unique restaurants signs and displays tailored to the aesthetic of your business quaikly and effectively. Our menu boards are available in many different styles to suit the needs of any establishment or budget.

Outdoor and Indoor Menu Boards

Mercury Signs’ wide variety means you’ll find the exact menu board that fulfills your particular requirements. Our menu boards are suitable for both outdoor and indoor enviornments. they are easily mounted on a wall, attached to a stand or used as a lighted box.

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Changeable Menu Boards

Mercury Signs changeable menu boards are made from an aluminum frame that displays the graphics of your choice. The graphics can be change in minutes, thanks to our quick-latch mechanism. Every restaurant manager responsible for operations will appreciate this particular advantage.

Modular Menu Boards

At Mercury Signs, we install modular menu boards that allow you to replace signs or add new ones, all the while maintaining the style of design you’ve chosen. Installing a modular menu system nationwide saves the need to design, order and install new signs every time your message changes.

LED lighted Menu Boards

LED-based menu boards for restaurants has many advantages and one of them include the ability to present your dishes using high-definition photography to attract customers. At Mercury Signs, we also offer bright LED boards that illuminate personalized messaging, attracting passersby more effectively than standard signage. Featuring edge lighting, they give message and drawings a balanced illumination while increasing their visibility over conventional writing.

Looking for a restaurant menu board for your nect project? Get in touch with us today!

Common FAQs For Menu Boards

What is the purpose of menu boards in a restaurant or café?

Menu boards serve as visual displays that showcase the available food and beverage options in a restaurant or café. They help customers quickly understand the offerings, prices, and specials before making their choices.

What types of menu boards are commonly used in the food industry?

There are several types of menu boards, including chalkboards, digital screens, backlit displays, and magnetic boards. Each type offers its own advantages in terms of aesthetics, flexibility, and ease of updating.

How often should menu boards be updated?

Menu boards should be updated regularly to reflect changes in offerings, prices, and seasonal specials. Many businesses update their menu boards weekly or as needed to keep customers informed about the latest options.

Can menu boards accommodate different languages or dietary information?

Yes, menu boards can be customized to include different languages and dietary information such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or allergen warnings. This ensures that all customers can easily understand the menu.

Yes, digital menu boards have gained popularity due to their dynamic nature. They allow businesses to easily update content, showcase images of dishes, and even schedule different menus for different times of the day. Digital menu boards enhance visual appeal and provide a modern touch to the dining experience.

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Restaurant Menu Boards

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