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They serve to identify the business, organization or tenants occupying the site. As motorists and pedestrians approach, the monument sign will likely be the first identification and branding they see. It assures people that they’re in the right location and often identifies the primary entranceway to it.

Many monument signs are made perpendicular to the roadway and are two-sided so that passersby from either direction can see the monument sign. Other types are sited parallel to the street or entrance drive and are one-sided with the back hidden. This reduces costs, of course, as only a single side of the sign needs to be designed and constructed.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signages

Monument signs are large freestanding signs, often mounted on a solid base on the ground, sometimes with pillars. They are usually located at the entrance road to a residential community or town, an industrial park. a corporation, a park, a church, a large farm or estate, or a hotel or resort. Monument signs are usually positioned close to the streets that pass in front of a location.

At Mercury Signs, we offer a variety of monument signs including armored foam signs that look like hardscape but can weather the next storm and the next vandal. A variety of sizes, colors, and finishes are available depending upon your application. A well-designed monument sign by our artists gives an impression of quality and permanence like nothing else can.

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Custom Monument Signs

We also offer our clients unlimited custom monument sign options. Choose from one of our standard monument sign models or create custom monuments of any size, color or shape. All of our exterior monument signs have a lightweight, foam core and are sprayed with the best material hard coat that makes our monument signage impervious to rot, termites and moisture.

Free Mercury Signs Consultation

To speak with a Mercury Signs professional for a solution that meets your needs and budget, give us a call or drop in today. Let us work with you to design, construct and install a monument sign that sets your company apart. We’ll make sure that it delivers the message and presents the image you want. Call our design experts today to get started immediately!

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Common FAQs For Monument Signs

What are monument signs, and how are they different from other types of signage?

Monument signs are freestanding, ground-level signs that are typically constructed using durable materials like stone, concrete, metal, or high-quality wood. Unlike traditional wall-mounted signs, monument signs are situated at ground level, making them easily visible to pedestrians and motorists passing by.

What are the advantages of using monument signs for businesses and organizations?

Monument signs offer several advantages, including increased visibility from a distance, a sense of permanence and professionalism, an opportunity to showcase a brand’s identity, and the ability to convey important information about a business or location to both local and passing audiences.

Can monument signs be customized to match a business's branding and aesthetics?

Yes, monument signs are highly customizable. They can be designed to reflect a business’s branding, using materials, colors, and styles that align with the company’s identity. This customization ensures that the sign is both functional and visually appealing.

Where are monument signs commonly installed?

Monument signs are often installed at the entrance of properties, such as corporate offices, schools, residential communities, hospitals, and retail centers. They serve as a welcoming and easily identifiable landmark, guiding visitors and customers to their intended destination.

Are there lighting options available for monument signs?

Yes, lighting options can be integrated into monument signs to enhance visibility, especially during nighttime hours. Common lighting options include built-in spotlights, LED illumination, and backlit panels. Lighting not only ensures the sign’s visibility but also adds an extra layer of elegance to the overall design.

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