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ADA is an acronym for “Americans with Disabilities Act.” They are special signs that are specifically designed to provide people with disabilities access and functionality to business facilities. According to regulations, all ADA signs must present the same information to everyone irrespective of physical limitations.

Since there are several specifications that need to be met before your ADA signage will comply with federal law, you need an expert in this type of signage.

Mercury Signs is a household name in manufacturing and installing high-quality ADA signs to meet your business needs following the required specifications.

Our team of graphics and signage experts can help your establishment create signs with visual characters, tactile characters, and/or braille that will comply with the set regulations.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs ADA Signs

  • ADA Signs are required by law.
  • It gives your business a strong reputation and improves your brand loyalty.
  • It also ensures that all your customers and visitors share your business goals irrespective of the disability.
  • Your business will be safe from lawsuits, litigations, and fines.


No matter the kind of business you run, it’s important to work with a sign company that will ensure your signs are ADA compliant and that is what Mercury Signs offers.

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Indoor or Outdoor Signs

Though acrylic signs are more popular for their indoor sign functions, it can also be effectively utilized outdoors.

Some examples are signs found in office lobbies, restaurant counters, supermarket aisles, hospital walls, doors etc. They are especially durable and Mercury Signs remains your best option when choosing some of these exterior signs.

Visually Impaired Signage

We provide high-quality and reliable indoor signs that conform to the standards set by the ADA. With some of our beautiful yet effective ADA-compliant room identification and wayfinding signs, customers and visitors with disabilities can easily navigate through your building safely and comfortably. We help give your customers a convenient, safe and comfortable experience as they do business with you.

Legally Compliant Signage

As professionals in the ADA sign-making industry, Mercury Signs is guaranteed to provide reliable ADA signage that complies with the specific standards set by the government. Our designs cover the size, font usage, character size, color contrast, location, mounting height, and a tactile copy of signs.

Full-Service Sign Company

Apart from the designs, we also guide you through every step of the sign-making process. We also share our signage expertise and professional advice with you from design, production, placement, choice of materials to installation.

When it comes to ADA compliance, never settle for amateur business signs but one who understands the standards and requirements. Mercury Signs is that company.

Free ADA Signs Consultation

Are you looking for ADA signs to place around your business facility? Do you have questions about ADA signs, requirements and how they apply to you? Look no further because Mercury Signs can solve all your ADA signage needs. Call us today for assistance or request a quote.
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