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Allay Dental Acrylic Interior Logo Sign

Peace of Mind Wealth Management Acrylic Sign

For businesses looking for that sophisticated and modern appeal, Mercury Signs can help them achieve it using acrylic signs. Mostly made of transparent, colorless, and durable polymer, they serve as a lighter, cheaper alternative to traditional glass signs.

At Mercury Signs, we are determined to give you reliable and strong acrylic signs that will perfectly capture your brand’s identity.

Clear and Frosted Signs

Our frosted acrylic signs offer some level of translucency to your sign with their matte finish. It is great for reducing glare and diffusing harsh light while providing some level of privacy.

For businesses that are looking for signs that can do more than just attract attention, our frosted signs are always perfect for it. The frosted effect helps to emphasize and add other important features to your design.

Indoor or Outdoor Signs

Though acrylic signs are more popular for their indoor sign functions, it can also be effectively utilized outdoors.

Some examples are signs found in office lobbies, restaurant counters, supermarket aisles, hospital walls, doors etc. They are especially durable and Mercury Signs remains your best option when choosing some of these exterior signs.

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Full-Service Sign Company

Having gathered enough experience in the sign-making business, Mercury Signs is a reliable custom acrylic signs provider. We have been in the business of producing the best forms of acrylic signs using the best materials with a meticulous eye for details.

Our signage specialists make use of the best polymer products printed with premium UV ink and are well qualified to handle installation. As a full-service sign company, we help you through the entire process of sign-making from planning right down to installation.

Free Acrylic Signs Consultation

Are you still looking for the best acrylic sign that will best convey your brand message to the right audience? Do you need a tested and proven signage provider who can easily identify your business needs? Do you need a company that is big, strong and reliable enough to solve all your marketing and signage problems?

Then Mercury Signs is exactly what you need. Contact us today! We would be more than happy to create beautiful and attractive custom signage that is affordable and meets your business needs.

Common FAQs For Acrylic Signs

What are acrylic signs?

Acrylic signs are signs made from acrylic material that are specifically designed for indoor use. Acrylic signs are known for their clarity, durability, and modern appearance.

What are some common applications for acrylic signs?

Acrylic signs are often used for office signage, directional signs, lobby displays, nameplates, informational signs, and branding displays within indoor spaces.

What are the advantages of using acrylic material for interior signs?

Acrylic is a versatile material that offers a sleek and professional appearance. It’s highly durable, resists fading and cracking, and can be easily customized with graphics, text, and logos.

How are acrylic signs typically mounted or displayed?

Acrylic signs can be mounted using various methods, such as standoffs (spacers that create a raised effect), adhesive backing, or placed in frames designed for acrylic panels.

Can acrylic signs be customized in terms of design and shape?

Yes, acrylic signs are highly customizable. They can be cut into various shapes and sizes, and graphics or text can be applied using printing or vinyl lettering techniques, allowing for a tailored and branded appearance.

The Growing Years Reception Acrylic Sign

The Growing Years Exterior Acrylic Sign

United Restaurant Equipment Exterior Acrylic Sign

The McCall Law Firm Acrylic Wall Sign

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