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Drive more traffic to your booth, increase your visibility, and reach more people than ever before with Mercury Signs. We can maximize the impact of your message in a sea of trade show competitions. We provide durable, high-resolution graphics and displays that will withstand traveling to and from your event.

Getting ready for a trade show, conference, or any other type of event can be stressful and chaotic. Not to mention the added pressure of getting all of your booth display and marketing materials designed, ordered, and shipped to you in time for the occasion. Allow us to take some of the hassles out of your trade show planning by helping you design your booth display and marketing materials.

Mercury Signs provides everything you need for your trade show booth, from digital signs to promotional materials. Get in touch with our trade show experts to find out more. Any trade show sign you use (tabletop, standing banners, kiosk or modular display) will send strong marketing information about your business and give you a great presentation.

Pop-up Displays

As their name implies, pop-up displays are collapsible, accordion-style frames that “pop” open (and close). As backdrops, they offer an excellent focal point for your exhibit.

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Display Tables


Tables are commonplace in event marketing. At many locations, you’ll be provided with table or asked to bring one on which exhibit your goods and services. Enhance your presentation with our custom-printed table covers, table runners and table skirts. Tabletop signs, posters, and display boards from Mercury Signs will also add professionalism to your presentation.

Professional Sign Makers

Each of our trade show booths come with convenient, heavy duty carrying cases that add extra protection to your graphic displays during transport. Exhibitions, networking events and meetings are all excellent opportunities to put your company’s image in front of people. creating a great trade show presentation depends strongly on bold and beautiful signs and at Mercury Signs, we offer a great line of trade show signs and ideas to make your presentation a success.

Modular Trade Show Displays

Great for exhibitors that attend show after show with varying event-space “footprints”, modular trade show displays are easily configured for each occasion. Go with standard modular displays or ones that we can customize to your exact specifications. 

Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Our made-to-order, custom trade show booths met the needs of the most active event marketers. Working with our exprts, we’ll help yo determine size, shapes, materials, and accessories to achieve your trade show display goals.

Our professional designers will work with you to make sure you get the perfect look for your company’s booth. We also offer a 100% staisfaction guarantee so you can be confident you’ll have a trade show display that will impress your customers. Get in touch with us today to find oy more.

Common FAQs For Tradeshow Booths

What is a trade show booth?

A trade show booth is a temporary exhibit space set up at a trade show or exhibition to showcase products, services, and information about a company. It serves as a platform for businesses to interact with potential customers, partners, and industry professionals.

What components make up a typical trade show booth?

A typical trade show booth consists of various components, including backdrops, banners, signage, display stands, tables, chairs, multimedia screens, and promotional materials. These elements work together to create an appealing and informative exhibit.

How do trade show booths benefit businesses?

Trade show booths provide businesses with an opportunity to increase brand exposure, generate leads, network with industry peers, showcase new products or services, and gain valuable customer insights. They contribute to brand visibility and industry credibility.

How can businesses design an effective trade show booth?

Designing an effective trade show booth involves considering the booth's layout, visual appeal, branding consistency, interactive elements, and clear messaging. The booth design should align with the company's objectives and create a memorable experience for visitors.

What are some tips for maximizing the impact of a trade show booth?

To maximize the impact of a trade show booth, focus on creating a compelling visual design, offering interactive experiences, providing informative materials, training booth staff, and engaging attendees with giveaways or contests. Additionally, effective pre-show and post-show marketing can drive traffic to the booth.

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