Terms and Conditions


Prices on this quotation are valid for twenty (20) days from the date of this quotation unless otherwise indicated. A signed quotation must be returned to initiate the order. See Item 3 below regarding deposit requirements. A deposit of 50% is required on custom fabrication and must be received by Mercury Signs before order can be entered into production. The balance is due net 10 days from completion or invoice. Invoices are NOT subject to retainage without prior written authorization from Mercury Signs.

The client is responsible for any sales and/or use taxes in states where Mercury Signs is not a collection agent for such taxes. Service charges of two (2%) per month will be added on all amounts outstanding over 30 days from the invoice date. Prices are quoted F.0.8. Apex, NC unless otherwise indicated.

Mercury Signs retains the rights to repossess goods which are not paid in full within 60 days of invoice for completed work. Return and reinstallation of repossessed goods will be at buyer’s expense.

Quotation is based upon manufacture of all items at one time, as a single production order. Breaking out quantities or line items for multi-phase manufacturing will incur additional costs and changes to unit pricing.

Order Changes

All changes, additions or deletions to this quotation must have prior approval of Mercury Signs and will be reflected in the final invoice.

Deletions of items or cancellation of the order after receipt by Mercury Signs shall be subject to cancellation charges.

Any changes (colors, quantities, messages, additions/deletions, etc.) initiated by the client after completion of approved shop drawings shall be billed on a time and materials basis.

All references to job completion times and schedules are based on manufacturing starting upon receipt of necessary sign permits an agreed-upon deposit, plus approval of final drawings. Clients requesting manufacturing begin prior to sign permit obtainment accept all responsibility for additional costs due to changes, and will be required to sign a release form to that effect. Note: Please be advised that scope changes dictated through the sign permitting review may affect pricing adjustment/increases beyond Mercury Signs’ control.

Should the product be available for shipment or installation and held for the convenience of the client, the invoice will be rendered and the balance due net 30 days. Mercury Signs reserves the right to charge a minimum of $100/month if items are held longer than 30 days.

Goods shipped by common or commercial carriers will leave Mercury Signs in factory-perfect condition, suitably crated for shipping.

Any claims for freight-damaged or missing items must be resolved between carrier and buyer, and does not modify the contractual obligation of this quotation.

Mercury Signs compares all shipments against the packing list before leaving the plant. Any questions concerning quantity or quality of shipment must be raised within three business days of receipt.

Installation pricing assumes normal digging conditions in native soil. Installation in paved areas, subsurface rock, or removal of old signs or footings will be billed at additional cost. Client assumes responsibility for utility location and protection/moving as appropriate.

If client assumes responsibility for obtaining sign permits, any involvement by Mercury Signs after installation shall be on a time and materials basis, and Mercury Signs liability shall not precede its involvement.

Installation pricing assumes one trip to job site unless otherwise indicated. Additional trips, or delay of crew by site not being ready, are subject to additional billing.

When Mercury Signs, Inc is hired to do a site survey, it will perform it to its best professional standard and provide the needed information from such a survey. If under unfortunate circumstances the survey results in downstream cost, Mercury signs liability will never exceed the amount of money contracted for the survey.

Mercury Signs will provide certificates of insurance, at no charge to the client, when work is to be performed at a client’s site. If a waiver of subrogation is added as additional coverage, the client will be billed a fee of $250. If the client requires that Mercury Signs register with a vendor credentialing service such as Compliance Depot, the client will reimburse any registration fees to Mercury Signs.

All Mercury Signs products shall be unconditionally guaranteed (except for minor seasoning checks on wood products used outdoors) for one year from delivery. Mercury Signs will repair or replace at its option, including all costs for removal, transportation, and re-installation, any defects in Mercury Signs labor or materials. This warranty specifically excludes damage caused by handling, vandalism, installation by other than Mercury Signs, abuse, misuse, or sprinkler systems. Warranty claims must be submitted in writing.

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