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Channel letters are custom-made metal or plastic letters that are mostly used in exterior signage on public or commercial Channel letter signs are usually dynamic, eye-catching, and capable of attracting customers to your store. The letters are bold, individually-lit and built to ensure enough visibility.

Mercury Signs will work with you to ensure that your channel letters fit your brand, (including matching specific fonts and colors) to create a cohesive look. There’s more to signing process than just building channel letters. Our process covers every possible detail for your project, including some tasks that other companies may charge extra for or leave you to handle alone.

Illuminated Channel Letters

Illuminated Channel Letters help you beat the darkness by lighting your letters from, within. It brings your business to life and grabs the needed attention from passersby after dark. Mercury Signs typically create illuminated channel letter signs out of an aluminum backing, creating a three-dimensional effect. They are illuminated by LED lighting and capped off with an acrylic cover and your choice of vinyl color. Your options are limitless with illuminated channel letter signage.

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High-Quality Materials

At Mercury Signs, we use high quality LED lights for our channel letters. Your signs will be both highly visible and efficient. For our outdoor signage, we normally use aluminum, because the thickness of the sign can make a huge difference.

Three Dimensional Channel Letters

Three-dimensional Chanel letters are one of the most popular choices in storefront signage for our customers. From strip malls to stand-alone storefronts, store owners love the visibility and color created by our well-made Illuminated Channel letters signage.

Three-dimensional letters give a sense of solidity to your sign which flat even or painted letters just cant achieve. Mercury Signs can build you solid, 3D lettering designed to grab your viewer’s attention, and implant that image into their memory.

Channel Letter Sign Customization

Our channel letter signage can be customized to fit your needs. We have wide selection of channel letters types that you can select from to find the right fit for your store and budget. At Mercury Signs, we use state-of-the-art equipment to precisely produce our channel letters and this ensures the quality, durability, and appeal of our signage.

Free Channel Letters Consultation

Mercury Signs believe in producing high-quality channel signs with the best materials that will help you achieve more success in your business and communicate your message properly. Contact us now for your channel signs as well as other signage needs and we’d be happy to help out!

Common FAQs For Channel Letters

What are channel letter signs?

Channel letter signs are three-dimensional signage often used for business storefronts, which consist of individually fabricated letters with hollow interiors, typically illuminated from within.

What materials are commonly used to make channel letter signs?

Channel letter signs are typically made from materials like aluminum, acrylic, and sometimes stainless steel. The faces can be acrylic, polycarbonate, or even metal, and the backs are often made of aluminum.

How are channel letter signs illuminated?

Channel letter signs are illuminated using LED modules or neon tubes placed inside the hollow letters. LED illumination has become more popular due to its energy efficiency, versatility, and durability.

What are the different types of channel letter signs?

There are three main types of channel letter signs: front-lit, back-lit (halo-lit), and open-faced. Front-lit signs have illumination through the front face, back-lit signs create a halo effect on the wall behind the letters, and open-faced signs lack a face, allowing the illumination to shine out.

What are the advantages of using channel letter signs for businesses?

Channel letter signs offer several advantages for businesses. They provide excellent visibility both during the day and at night due to their illuminated nature. They can be customized in terms of fonts, sizes, and colors, creating a unique branding opportunity. Additionally, their durability and weather resistance make them suitable for outdoor use in various environments.

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