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Why Consistent Sign Design Strengthens Brand Image

Consistent sign design strengthens your brand identity, contributing to its recognition and impact, which translates into increased sales leads and increased profit. Consistent design in this case can be as simple as using the same logo, text font or color scheme on every sign your business has, so that your customers immediately identify your brand as they drive by one of your signs on the highway or see one in their favorite restaurant’s window.

The Importance of Consistent Sign Design

<strong>Consistent sign design<strong> strengthens your brand

Consistent sign design is important because it strengthens your brand. If your signs don’t connect and match, there is going to be a disconnect and the audience won’t know what to make of your brand. You will seem disorganized and confused if your signs don’t match. This can lead to a negative perception of your company, no matter how successful you are. In order to avoid this problem, it’s best to establish a style guide for each type of signage that you have, including banners, posters, window graphics and more, so that they are all cohesive with one another without losing their individualism. Mercury Signs provides affordable custom signage solutions for businesses in North Carolina. Our goal is to build lasting relationships by exceeding expectations every time. We provide customized solutions based on our client’s needs and budget. We also offer free consultations where we discuss these options in greater detail to find the right solution for you!

Consistent Sign Design Details Consider

Do all the colors match? You were specific about choosing the right colors for your logo and brand – make sure that those exact colors are being repeated from sign to sign. Are you using similar materials? Are you using the same font? Are you repeating graphic or other visual elements that will be uniquely associated with your brand and improve recognition and recall? It is vital to ensure a cohesive look throughout your branding process in order to strengthen your image as a company. If any one part of your branding doesn’t work well with another part, it can cause your marketing to fall short. For instance, if the typeface on one of your promotional products looks very different from that on your business cards, customers may not connect it back to you as a brand. Mercury Signs takes pride in creating consistent signage designs for our clients so they can have an established reputation and identity within their industry. Contact us today to get started!

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